Butterflies and Birds

This page will give you some idea's on attracting butterflies.
I live in Southern California Zone 18.

Also I have some post's on birds that I have had flock to my own yard.

The plan is easy when it comes to Butterflies, Bee's and Birds. It can be completely natural or seed feed. I try my best to make as may natural things for the little critters to perch, eat and bath in.

American Robin
Cedar Waxwings

Plants to attract Butterflies 

Butterfly Bushes
Get the Bee's Going  
The Yard
Yarrow - Achillea Millefolium

Butterfly information sites

Butterfly Legend
Our Local Butterfly Queen and King
Pictures and information on California Butterflies 
Season and Lifestyle of Monarch's
Mapping for Butterflies  
Monarch Watch all about Monarch
North American Butterfly Association 

Everything what to grow ,local photo contest and clubs

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