Monday, April 11, 2016

Bye Bye back 40 ??????

My garden is an ongoing project. The yard is big but not to big. The older I get the less maintenance I want. But does that make me lazy??? Shit there I go again. I happen to live in a neighborhoodie that has a bunch of very nice people who love to share there garden cutting and stuff. And I am always on the look out for crap to put in my yard.

This year I started to think more like a logical (funny) woman. And here is what I have pondered!

Grumpy Gnomes have wondered Why Ma Why?

Red Tailed Hawks have admired my work! But I know the noise they make is sounding more and more like Shamuuuckkkkk.....

Home for the Fricken Grubs had I known ! Watch when you make a compost pile they love it and can destroy your garden. OR Borrow a neighbors chicken and they will eat them. My neighbors won't let me borrow their chicken's they know I will eat them.

Yes, I though that if I watered enough it would grow. That is what the fricken movie said. Build it and they will grow RIGHT?

Ok so I was talking to one of my Gnomes. Yes I talk to my Gnomes look a girl has to talk and the yard is big and I am not often with friends in the dirt. My mud wrestling days are gone. Sad but those day's are over. If you know me friends and family have dwindled in the last few years.


So we have about an acre of land and behind the barn is a spot where over 16 years ago I thought I could make a magic garden. 16 Years eez how long does it take to learn ......

 I have built .......

2 viewing  patios - that the hooligans from around the neighborhood have jumped the fence left booze bottles and enjoyed the view I m assuming.

    4 raised garden's. I do say I did have some success in the cabbages. But the tomatoes, beans, potatoes, lettuce the list goes on. God Dam Wabbits!!!

    Planted 8 fruit tree's and seen about 6 pieces of fruit oh no no my friend the tree's are great but the fruit no can do. But this year with the rain "Thank you babay Jesus" we may get more fruit ?

    Managed to level off part of the hill to make walking path's. Hauled a zillion rocks, pavers and wood to make the area more comfortable for the visitor's.

    As if they would even walk up here from the house. Yes it is all up hill and God forbid these days anyone should walk. Yes it is a word. W-A-L-K go look it up between FB posts. 

    I never had Oh Wait there was small child that once frolicked on the hill with me.

    Build a scare crow a thing that I still decorate for the horse riders who pass by. I decorate her seasonally.  Ok ok when I remember. shit

    I have various antique tools and a wheel barrow I have planted, painted and fixed to only re-plant paint and fix.

    WHY WHY WHY ! 16 Years Well this year I am going to down size Why you ask?  I have decided to blame it on the drout I know I know the drout has not been here for 16 years but the amount of water time dirt and sweat I have put into that area should have produced a magical place for all to enjoy. But I only have a depressed scare crow, fruit the size of cultured pearls.

    WAIT I do have some nice sitting area's and a killer view. Oh but in light of it all the tree I planted that is suppose to be planted in Arizona it is doing great!

    Ok ok I will not give up.  @#$#^&@*)

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