Wednesday, September 9, 2015

American Robin

American Robin this was a surprise bird this year. One day Pa and I went out to the yard and our berry bush was covered with them. These birds were hanging upside down right side up. The driveway, the fountain they had the yard under control.

They seemed to be after the berries on the bush. They had never landed here before in over 10 years. Once they polished off the berries they headed for the Pepper Tree's.

They did take advantage of the fountains we have.

Here is the best site I found so far. This site the Audubon has all the information and sounds of them chirping and singing. Sweet!

Wish I had filmed them but there is always next year.

These are the berries that they went nutty for. Go figure not like we just put the darn thing in. ell enjoy the birds my friend

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