Monday, July 6, 2015

Why doesn't my soil absorb water?

This has been my issue for the last month I have a beautiful raised bed that I had put in for a birthday task from my son. It has grown vegetables and flowers great ever year. This last year 2014 I did not plant, there was to much stuff going on in personal area's. So this year I just planted some snap pea's.

They dried up even watering them. Then I popped in some cucumbers they to dried up. I was watering and watering as much as possible but no go! Shit so now I am mad at my raised bed and I have top find some answer's.

To the Web my friend to the web!

I googled Why dosent my soil absorbe water ?

Some answer's are as follows:

The soil has to much peat moss. It will never become wet without wetting the area for several days.

Your are not watering long enough. When you water it looks wet but it never leaves the surface. Many peat-moss products have clay which will not absorb water. Peat repels water and dries out fast.

Your soil is to compact. Once people have walked on the soil or it goes unused and it has become to compact it can not absorb the water. Till the soil and water for 20 minutes every day until the water is absorbed.

Your soil is completely dried out,. This will take time and patience. You need to re-moisturize your soil. Everyday water and turn the soil over making sure that all the dirt is getting saturated. Once the soil is moist completely again you are good to go.

Re-moisturize you soil with a combination of organic baybay soap and water. This cuts the repelling action in the soil and helps to get the moisture to take again. Also DO NOT apply during the hottest time of day.( morning or late evening) 3oz/per gallon for 1000sqft area. Then water it in for about 30 min. This should help absorption process. If you still see the soil repelling water you may need to reapply. Absorb

So there you have it my answer to the puzzle wit the help of others who have suffered dry soil! 

Here is a link to a page that gives you tips on keeping and improving your raised bed soil. 
Improving your raised bed soil 

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