Thursday, July 9, 2015

Soon it will be Turning Fall


Well it has been a while with no post but I need to get this little garden blog back up to date.Summer was a give and take garden. I consistently plant , dig replace.

I conssitenly tell myself "Self stop planting, relax sit take it easy" 


Oh no back into the dirt I go.

I am currently going to try to get into the Master Gardner Program here in Ventura., I need a bit of book knowledge to help myself in the dirt. Also I will be able to pass on the garden magic I learn.

I made a cute Chrystal pitcher for the garden. My asparagus lasted the whole season. I planted some Goji Bushes. This is something different and they seem to be taking so far.

I have hung all kinds of bird houses in the tree's. Every shape and size. A few birds have taken them and made nest's.

Lettuce is looking super good. Just got some snap pea's sprouting and cucumbers started to sprout in the green house. Today I will be ordering my seed potatoes. I will be trying to get the potato tower going this year. It failed last time.

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