Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cedar Waxwings

Well my yard has become quite the refuge for birds of all kinds. This year we got this new bird not familiar to us. It is a Cedar Waxwing. 

Well actually that is an understatement there were at least 100 in our yard. That is no exaggeration. We have berry bushes and a hugh Pepper Tree. Also we have three different fountains for them to frolic in. They do love water it is said. 

Look at the  picture to the right. The tail is bright yellow.
So pretty. I really enjoyed the time they spent in my yard.

They swoop down in groups of 10 or more and go into the little fountain. The information said they do love water.

They would just sit in the tree and enjoy the day. They eat the peppers off the pepper tree.

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