Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Citronella Plant

The reason I am highlighting this plant today well here is the thing. I have a nice little group of baby flies on the patio. The type that just fly round and around all day never going anywhere. They do not even want to go in the house. Now last year I had no flies near the patio No where No how!

Last night as I sat just looking at the little flies I thought Wait a Minute! The Citronella Plant I moved it. That is why the little group of flies persists. So this post is all about that plant. I just got it a couple of years ago and let it stay close to the patio. It got bigger and bigger so I moved it. Prior to moving it I took some cutting's. This is easy to root they come from the geranium family we all know how hardy those guy's are.

Citronella Plant or better know as Mosquito Plant. It is from the geranium Family.The same fragrance that you find in those expensive candles is right in this plant and not so much scent. Enough to drive the little pest's away. The experts say that they do not work as well as the repellents but I do my best to use natural method's to keep the outdoors livable for other's.

This plant will grow 2 to 3 feet tall. It is a great border plant. It does like a little after noon shade to relax. It is good from Zone 9 to 11. You could even cut some of the limbs off and put them into a pot for tables during a party to deter little airborne varmints from landing in your guests food.

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