Monday, February 16, 2015

2015 Let us get Digging

Well it is officially 2015 and I have gotten back in the dirt. My yard is so extensive there is always something to do. This year I noticed the Casey Bush attracted some awesome birds. I did a lot of research and found out what they are.

The reason we call it the Casey Berry Bush is that my sister was in her last stage of cancer and she loved coming to our house to relax. So she kept starring at the bush and telling me to trim it. I said I would I went back in the house and low and behold she went our weak and tired and cut the Got Damn bush herself. I did not stop her because it must have made her feel better ! 

American Robins  they were plentiful and hungry. They loved the fountains to take a bath in.
 I had to more the gnome they kept flinging it out of their way. We just went out to the nursery in search of more of the Casey Berry Bush and found one that would order it for us.

We also had some Cedar Waxwings. They loved the fountains more than the berries. Such a variety this year like never before.

This is the best picture I could get. They are beautiful. Grey in color with bright yellow strip on the tip of the tail. When they fly it spreads out like a fan. Also they have little florescent orange tips on Theiler wings.

Oh oh they also wear a little eye mask like Zorro !

Here they are up in the tree waiting for me to go back in the house where they feel I belong!

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