Sunday, April 6, 2014

Native American Plants

These are a few of the plants I have purchased from
Matilija Native Nursery here locally. I can not swear to the right spelling but they are planted and are doing well. 

This guy is a Salvia Lemmonii he will get
blue dainty flowers and the humming birds will be happy

Mallo this plant I planted on the hill right in front of the barn the hill with the grrr gopher's that I do say have run away since the daffodil planting ! Gopher's do not like daffodils.

Ceanothis Concha Once these get bigger I will give you a picture they were really boringgg

Iscompa these plants look a lot like those bottle brush bushes you see all over.


 There are so many sages and the variety is endless I will get better pictures as they mature but they grow fro ma bout a 3' high by 5' wide  to one that will hit 5' high. Happy Native yard we are! Yes Salvia is a sage ho would have thought!

Salvia Allan Chikory
Saliva Chamaerdry

Mixed Blue sage

 It has been two weeks. One got eaten by a bunny rabbit. Stupid Rabbit !

This is a really pretty red yarrow

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