Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March - April and now it is May

Apple Tree Blossom

Well I have been quite busy and have really ignored the Blog but I am going to give you a quick look at what I have been doing. Then I am going to link to each thing. How is that . Seems it will make it easier for you to decide what makes you happy and or interested.

Here I have started some of those seeds. Habaneros and Red Chili Peppers . Also some cactus cutting. 

 Butterflies are everywhere! Planted a lot of nectar plants last year for them to feed on and Milkweed to lay their eggs.

This is an old pot that I put sand in to stick stuff in. It keep things stable and the sand helps sharp stuff. Get's the dirt off. 

        Seed's that need to go into the ground I have started

Hose border from broken hose

Here is a great way to use an old hose. I made a border for my compost stuff that waits to go into the main pile. My helper guarding it! 


This is a Bail of Hay that I am getting ready to use for Fall planting. I saw a youtube video on making this and thought I may experiment.

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