Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Matilija Native California Nursery

The road was a long one but I took the challenge. I have been talking about this place since I heard them speak at one of my
"Senior Garden Seminars"

So I drove and drove and still drove. 

Then there it was a small little sign from God !

It was a windy creepish kind of driveway but Gardener beware don't judge a drive buy it's dirt!

Once I found a place to park and canvased the area I stepped out of the car ! There it was the little seed labor camp. The worker's were so engaged they did not even see me. BOO and with a smile on my face I asked "can you help me" Hummmm her lead me out pf the tent and pointed "There" okkkkkkk

Out of Now Where came "Bob" ? ""Bill" no Bob it was. The owner and sweet little plant man.

Off we went on foot for the tour. Not like you average nursery as it only houses native plants. Nothing was in bloom.  So if you love flowering, mass planted annuals that you have to plant over and over and over every year stick with your average Nursery.

But if you have vision and want to get back to native and are as pretty as me this is the place for you!

I will post on a;ll the plants i got on another post. I picked up
Yarrow, Mallo, Ceanothus Concaca, Salvia lemmoni, Isocompeieioh and others  that names are beyond my education ! xoxo

Matilija Nursery (Bob the Owner) or Bill
California Native Plants & Iris Nursery
8225 Waters Road
Moorpark, Ca 93021

Phone number 805-523-8604
Email is :
Website is Matilija Nursery

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