Friday, March 7, 2014

Homemade walking area from Compost

For the next few week's I am going to highlight some of last year's new plant's and projects. The weather has been unusually warm and so I will now see what has survived and what has not hope you enjoy this next few post's.

The pipes along the back of the barn. It took a while for me to figure out anything. The more I thought the bigger the headache. BUT then it occurred to me one day. I have been lugging up buckets of horse shit and making compost from it for years. I now am going to use this shit literately for a walk way. Brilliant! 

First I want to start with the blueberry and raspberry the vine fruit's. Behind my barn up on the hill is an area that for the last 10 year's has been my project with so many failures and so many triumph's.

But back to the walk way.

We have a gate (pipes) with some wire on it running the length of the area behind the barn.  I have been putting horse manure, newspapers,straw and things to attempt to make the hill even to walk on.

It worked on the area I used for a test area. Now I have moved to elongation this.  This is year two of this area. I have one more area to do and I am going to call it done.

I plan on bordering it with log's from a pine tree we had to take down.

This is the blank canvas when I started

The area behind the barn was just dirt. It has been 15 years we are in this house and I have been working on this are for the last 5. It seems like it is going so SLOW but I am not going any where and looking at the pictures I have done good!

Boysenberries along the fence

Here is one of the three berry bushes I put along the area. I have eaten one berry.

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