Sunday, January 5, 2014

Master Gardner finally

This is such a great day let me give you a little incite into this garden adventure. In 2010 I wanted to get involved in the Master Gardner Program. I had time on my hands and this was something I have so much interest in.

 Beyond what I could learn it is always a good feeling to pass on what is given to you.

I sent in my application and somehow did not get the how to date's right and 2010 was my accident Casey passed Mama got the cancer it was a full few year's. Then in 2011 I again tried to put in an application but Casey passed and I had to have a second surgery on my arm which made it nearly impossible to do it yet again. All the time I know Leah the Garden Chief thought I was a mad woman with no intent to ever really do it.  Then we have 2012 in moves Mama and I am straddled with the daily giggles and doctor's and tending to. A job with many pleasures but once again but knowing 2013 was just around the corner Mama and I put our combined heads together and figured out it would be Ok to take one day a week to go to the Master Gardener program. I had gotten the details about it from yes again Leah.

SO here we are the end of 2013 and Yup you guessed it one thing after another. Mama passed and I was again a day late and a dollar short. But have no fear Ms, Leah told me I could volunteer over at the center and thus getting to know the campus better and learning while waiting for next year 2014.

The workshop shh I'm late!
So off I go for volunteer day and I have it on my calendar and post it notes all over the house and the car. I would not forget this for anything. So with great anticipation the day came. I arrived what I thought was 30 minutes or so early but yes once I found the class room I found out it started earlier than I thought. Geezzzz Louizzzze !

Well finally I am in and get all my paperwork done fingerprint's and settled for my next year of volunteering in the dirt. 

The office so pretty

The tour

How sweet is this old barn!

Break Room in the barn.

Here are shot's of the campus where I will dig my way through to the Master Gardner School next season!

Now I am home and it is off to bed with my little dirty self! xoxo

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