Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Tomato Information

Tomatoes what a delicious fruit. Yes it is a fruit silly!

Well you remember all the different places I have experimented in planting the tomato's. It seem the best place turned out on the daffodil/butterfly hill.

I put my Beef steak and some of the Roam tomatoes. I dehydrated some of them. Funny Story on that project what was a dozen tomatoes turned into a little flat package.

 One of my Hubby's employee's use to be a landscaper and told him to tell me to make sure my tomatoes had only good morning light. Hummm I say !

So the side of the daffodil hill was the spot. I figure that by the time the daffodils have bloomed and dies off that I can put tomatoes there. After the tomatoes are gone the Milkweed goes banana's as do the butterfly bushes. It is  a seasonal hill.

Check out the crazy good lil taco's I made from some of the tomatoes. 

Here are some random shots of the tomatoes in and out of the cages.

The Roma's these are the ones I used for the dehydrator. Warning my friends it takes 4 millions 5 thousand tomatoes to get a jar of dried tomatoes.

This little tomato is one of the best discoveries I made this season. I went to Tomatomania this year as usual and I bought some called. Cherry Tomato "Zebra. They are green with a cute little pattern and sweet. Sweet Sweet Sweet. Ok they will not take the place of a Milky Way dark chocolate candy bar frozen and eaten at 10pm but who is judging!

How to dehydrate Tomatoes
Tomatomania 2011
Tomatomania 2013

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