Sunday, October 6, 2013

So I had an Old Yard Cart

There it is the "Cart" I purchased this cart at a yard sale. My sister and I fought to get up the drive way and be the first one to tap it. Hey these old cart go for over $200.00 new! I grabbed it for $25.00 a deal. So it has been sitting behind the barn for three years. The tires are flat. But this son of a gun is still in great shape. I took it down the hill and decided since it is to heavy for me to use as transport for garden stuff I will make it a planter.

The first thing I did was wash it clean. Once that was done I made color decision's. The trim is going to be candy apple red. The tires silver and the body Bright Happy Canary Yellow. I did a slight sanding on it but I personally like the rough appearance of my "Behind the Barn" stuff. The supplies were rather simple. I made sure that the paint I bought was for outdoors so the cart stays good with all the weather it handles.

So I started with the red trim. This was better done with a spray can of paint than hand painted. 

I also used spray paint for the tire rims.

My helper only problem now I feel guilty for moving it !  Casey loves to go under stuff. She sleeps under the bed. Goes under the table I do my computer work on. She is an UnderDog !  

Ok on to the Yellow Base. I only did the outside of the cart because the inside I am planning to put plants. My plan is to water proof the inside and plant starter plants in it once they get mature enough to put in the ground then out they go. Like kids.

Once it was all done I hand painted the sides to make a Welcome look for the pass-r-by-rz.
My backyard behind the barn backs up to a horse and walking path so I like to slowly get it to be pleasant to look at when you go by.

The plant's I have in the cart now are border ground cover that I will put in the garden this month. I did this in July and it is October. Go figure. Darn Wedding's!

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