Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Butterfly Queen had another Extragavanza!

 Well they flocked to the Butterfly Extravaganza #3 it is always a success. They are able to inform and let people know how they to can have these pretty little creatures in there yard.

 I think one of the greatest thing is the children,. It is so great to see them learn about the thing's that truly make this world go round. Cycle of life I tell Ya!

I was happy to see Mr. Butterfly teaching this time. I love to look at the whole process of the egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. And if you are here you will see each stage. The man teaching is "The" King Butterfly. Yup they are a couple the King and Queen of Butterflies.


 The Caterpillar lounge. And in the rear the smaller photo is the lounge for the caterpillar's.
I like to call it Milkweed Mile.

And more milkweed

Class continues as I sit in the lounge for humans and watch the great Butterfly video.

Human lounge with on going informational video show.

 They do not have their link up yet but here are a few place to click and get more information.

Southern California Butterflies 
Here at Butterflies and Moths of Southern California you will find a complete list of butterflies and there street names and book names and great information on them all. Here is a great link to the vegetation the butterflies like. It has the type of butterfly and the food it needs. Great butterfly eating guide at Plants for California or Western Butterfly Garden. It is all about the natives.   Here is the link for the Ventura County Bird Trails and you can always find butterflies where the birds are.

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