Monday, July 1, 2013

Recycle and make Homemade Walking Path's

 Path's well this upper area of our yard is a work in progress. I just added a few path's in the last year or so and thought I would share.

This first one I did with pavers from around the yard. They do not match but that give it more personality. It runs behind the pine tree we had to take down

This next path I made from a wooden swing that use to hang on our pepper tree. I thought it worekedswellonceitispressedintothe dirt it is stable and I feelmuch saferwalking on thispartofthe hill. Well at least until I fall

 There is so much to do up in the upper area but hey like we say
 "Rome was not Built in a Day"

This is a little sitting area I made from wood we had behind the barn forever and rock's I collected in the neighborhood. So many of my rocks Casey and I got when we  were a roaming the Frasier Park area.Good Times.  

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