Sunday, July 28, 2013

Morning Glories from seed

 I saw my neighbor's fence when I went to explore the whole Butterfly Extravaganza. Her fence was exploding with Morning Glories.

This is where it all started. The Green Condo I think I should call it a Green Condo because it is actually half the size of an actual Green House.

I bought a little packet of seed's and trust me I have purchased a lot of seed pack's to date. I started them on tray's and then slowly transplanted them from there to pot and on to the grow bed to the holes.

On the bottom shelf ready to go to the grow bed.

This is the grow bed it is a raised bed I have set up with great soil and drip system. I put plant's here to see if

1. They get eaten
2. Adjust to the full sun
3. Just survive

Once they pass the test in the grow bed they are ready.
Next they are off to the area I have prepped.
 I have made an area along the fence and hopefully they will survive.

I prep most of the holes for planting by digging and filling them with water for a week or so. The reason is that the soil will get moist all around and that will make it easier for the new roots to spread.

Here is the fence area finished and I have them growing on. When I put them into the ground I fill the holes with half soil and half compost I made from the worm farm.

I do have to say those little red worms do quite a job eating and making that soil dark and rich. 

I will keep you up to date on this project. So far so good!


The picture to the right is the neighbor's that I hope my fence will look like in a year or so.A girl can dream !

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