Monday, July 8, 2013

Fruit Tree's - Garden Reality Check

Fruit Tree's here is the reality post. They take forever in a day to get fruit. They need to be mature, healthy and most fruit tree's that actually bare fruit that fruit are the ones your grandmothers mothers mom planted. So there.
I landed in my current home over 15 year's ago and I was just so excited that I had such a beautiful and calm yard. An acre wow what a dream come true for a dirt brat. One of my first project was the upper area.

Why look at all that room a Gardener's dream. 

Ahhh new home!

I had my gnomes and a planting bench and a dream. Well it is 15 years later and so far I have killed a let's see one cherry tree, one apricot tree and a lemon. Who can kill citrus. It grows no matter what the condition's.

Plum in full bloom

I have planted and been able to keep alive one plum tree that had one year of 6 plums , one year of two plums and yet this year another two plums.
The bounty is endless! one apricot tree that is beautiful but no a fruit on it in 10 years!

Two plum for 2013 . WOOTWOOT

Record year for Plums

 WAIT here is a picture of the first year of plums. Record number eaten by the crows 
Wait no Ravens did you know there is a difference!

Little Christmas Peach

 I have a peach tree that the first year it was in it took a hit when some hooligans threw an old Christmas tree over our fence and it broke the poor thing BUT this year the tiny little guys has so many peach's.

Hey Mazel Tov a success so far.
The one and only nectarine

This is the only nectarine I ever saw.  This fruit is Pa's favorite. I told him we had a nectarine and he ran up the hill almost had a heart attack steep hill and ate it! Ahh the memories.

BUT being a gal that never gives up I just bought an apple tree! Yes I know fool fool fool but a girl can dream !

Can you believe I actually followed him to make sure the tree was safe! No shit !

Look Apples !

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