Sunday, June 30, 2013

Red Worm Composting Part Two

 See my worms look closely it is in the middle kind of curly. I bought 1000 of them. They love their new home.

This really is anon going project. I hope to make a better more modern home when it gets closer to Fall and the weather cools. 

I made their home with old pallet's we used to hold hay off the ground in the barn. They are a little rickety but the worms do not mind. I had Pa cut the pallets in half and I put them side by side.

This is not a beauty contest it is a home for wayward worms. I used horse manure layered with cardboard egg containers and shredded paper. Other layers were from my kitchen scrapes layer by layer I got the home ready.

Once I had enough material layered in it I made sure to soak it for a few weeks so the layers would kind of meld together for the worms to find there way into.  And moisture is key to keeping the worms happy and alive.

Once I was done and the Red Worms arrived from their old home. I got them all settled and covered them. The wood is really light and did not compress the soil at all. I kept it covered so the Raccoons did not find it and think it was a supper gift.

Here is a link  to Tony and Susan's bin it is beautiful and in the desert no less.

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