Saturday, May 11, 2013

Red Worms Part One

I got my Worms. Yup we are starting a Worm Hotel. I am hoping to get it started up in the top half of the garden.

Alright I have had them for three weeks! I have been adding a scoop of them when I have been transplanting the roses up on to the hill. Another Story!

I have been searching the internet to get a bit more information on keeping them in a compost pile. Most of the sites have them in big plastic bin's. This Website Red Worm Composting is the best I have found on the subject.

I started out after buying the worms by putting them into a small compost pile that was just about ready to become soil.
 I added layers of shredded paper one week than the next week followed by some grass clipping and kitchen wasste.

I am know in the process of making it a little sandbox like bin. Outdoors so many worms are in plastic bins indoor but seriously let's keep it outside!

This cardboard egg cartons I added

Heather is in town and she will be helping me. She has no clue. I told her to bring her tennis shoes to help me garden she has no idea gardening this trip means worms!

LOOK She has on boots and is dressed like she is going wine tasting. Oh wait she just did! Here is a link to part two on this composting red worm home making.


Here is a little Worm 911 

  "Each worm ingests its weight in organic matter every 24 hours its intricate digestive tract makes it possible for the Red Worms to excrete highly nutritious fertilizer known as castings. These Castings are the best plant food known to man, and contain a high concentration of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. Castings do not heat or burn plant life. The action of Red Worms in composting piles will speed up the reduction of organic matter in one half the time."

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