Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Linda's Babies

 "Watch out for the caterpillers I have not put up the sign yet!"

Really? Yes really this woman is serious about her babies. And good for her because the butterflies along with our bee's are becoming less and less.

Love this commitment to our natural friends.
 They are everywhere these little devils. I was in Awe of the whole set up. I learned more about the butterflies in that 20 minutes time than a lifetime. I do have many butterfly bushes and plants but no information. I just plant to help my yard stay healthy with natural bugs, butterflies and my best friends the bee's.
 She was adorable teaching the kids in the neighborhood about the caterpillars and how they grow.

Here is their website for more information 

This is a Monarchy

 Pretty Cool!

It was a good afternoon break

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