Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Store bought Soil Not so good

So I have this area in the upper part of the yard that I dedicated to experiments. It is a large area and a long story but today we will focus on the potato patch .

This is a easy grow root vegetable and the yield is tremendous crop. There are rules as with any thing we plant but not to much. I have tried Potato Towers from the Sunset magazine. Sunset is one of my favorite magazines.

But that experiment did not work. Here are a few pictures of my crop from the start until now. I planted them in early March. It took about two weeks for them to get this big the picture on the right there. Not bad !

This picture to the right was after about 30 days. They look so beautiful and they were so green and sturdy. I was a proud Ms. Potato Head. 

See the little potato that is logged in between the roots. Right there to the left. As you add soil to the rows the potatoes grow out from the roots bigger and bigger.

Here comes the shitty part of the great story. I had my hubby go to Lowe's and buy me some new soil. Kellogg organic soil. I wanted to top cover the crops I have.

See as they grow you add mounds of soil to the row the plant goes up and the roots spread out and potatoes fill the roll-hill things. I place the Soil from the store and the next day my potatoes look like they are 99 years old. They are eaten from stem to the edge of their leaves. HOLY SHIT and what the Hell?

Honestly I could not imagine how over night this could happen. I plopped my ass down in the dirt and starred at the patch of dirt. Hum then I looked really close and noticed that there are little flies and bugs in my patch? Where did they come from they were not there yesterday? THE SOIL. The store bought soil. I have to say after discussing it with Pa he said you know My Darling Wife you never used any store bought soil in your garden before. Why he is right! I have not.

 I do not think all soil is bad I just have tried so hard to go natural with my garden that It truly hit me when this happened to my poor lil spuds.

But I filled a bucket with my homemade compost and a few small buckets of red worms dropped it on the top and hopefully I will have a good crop after all. I shall update you I know you will be waiting to find out what happens.

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