Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mapping out a hill for butterflies

 Yup this is the hill I am making into the butterfly sanctuary.   Last year I took a section of this hill and layed down some of my compost on the side of this hill. We have a lot of hill and this is only a bit of it. About two years ago I placed one butterfly bush Casey told me to get. It is the big bush to the right and below that is it in bloom.

 This little guy I planted last year and it is another butterfly bush a different shade of purple. I did a lot of research on what plants to put in and found good information about the flowers here.

This year to get the soil even in better shape I planted some Daffodil bulbs they did really well.

 Now in between them I have planted some tomato plants. I have tried to learn more about planting for season and light. This part of the hill has proven to be a great place to learn.

These are trailing Lantana's
I am starting my Milkweed from seed

My Puppy Casey is always keeping an eye on me. I took an old stump and dug it out to put a bird bath. The butterflies will need water and this seemed just perfect. I saved two buckets beautiful bark from the stump and was able to leave the frame of the old pine tree bark. It was an old pine tree that dies a few years back.
This is a line of Yarrow

 Yarrow is another great butterfly attractor. I got 10 plants. I am going to scatter them on the hill not just the one spot. Once I got the birdbath in and put about 4 of the plants in I took a rest. I am weeding while I work so this is going to take a while. So far I am looking forward to the warmer weather and the butterflies. I can watch them from the new porch.

The picture here in this link is of the Butterfly Buffet

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