Monday, April 29, 2013

Bee's We need them

Here first off is the best Bee Link to help the bee's they say and I quote

 "Over the past few years, scientific studies have suggested that both honey bee and native bee populations are in trouble. What we don't know is how this is affecting pollination of our gardens, crops and wild lands. In 2008, we started this project as a way to gather information about our urban, suburban and rural bee populations and to give you the tools to learn about what is happening with the pollinators in your yard.

 Right here is a bird house that filled with busy little bee's.

The Bee's love Sunflower. I will buy a packet of seeds and just pour them all into one area .

Plus you can save seeds from the flower for next year and eat the rest. It is a win win for the Bee's and you!

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