Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tomatomania 2013

This is Julie my neighbor, friend, and my husbands next wife! It is decided look she plays a mean game of golf go figure. 

Tomatomania it is the place to be if you want really great Heirloom and new kinds of tomatoes. It is all over the country che3ck it out for when it comes to your area.
I was not able to make it last year due to all the family issues but this year Jules made arrangement with Pa that she was going to just take me like it or not.

I was very leery because the last $40.00 dollars yes $40.00 I spent on tomato's I planted and the next day there were just little holes the F^$&#%^$*$ Gophers pulled them right down. Yes that is when the gopher and ground squirrel obsession started. But this is about the tomatoes so let us focus!

Jules Mama came with us and what a little chatter box this one is. But so am I so I enjoyed it . I am going to tell you my types of tomato's I bought and stuff in another post. To many details.

Jules and her Mama

Here is my flat of Tomato's .  do not like green tomatoes but got some cherry tomato;s that they "say" are delicious. Hum we shall see.
Here I am asking about Red Worms. I want to start a worm farm up in the upper garden.

Boy I have not looked this satisfied since , since since . . . . . Ahh look at my little container of wormies going home with me.

Happy Me  - Happy Worms and Happy Tomato's

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