Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Patio

 I wanted to hang plants from the patio that had a lot of color but it seems they need to be replanted every year.
This year I opted for some hanging succulent plants. The one with the little balls are called String of Pearls and it got little flowers.

  This is one of my two openly gay gnomes . His partner is just below the next hanging succulent. The other plant we hung was Sencio Radicans Glauca that is what the tag said.

I have a notebook I made last year to put the tags and the part of the yards I put plants.

 Last year I took this shelf out from the house it is so much better out here! See those Gnomes they are my gay ones. They have reds lipstick on.
 Everything is green right now but color should be coming
 This is my Orchid. It blooms out about every two years. It is really taking a longgggg time to get open this year. 
My little Helper !

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