Friday, March 8, 2013

The Bulbs are awake

 So they say just after it rains is the best time to take pictures. I was so excited about the rain stopping I forgot to put my muck boots on so my jammies and shoes got so muddy. Yes I said Jammies. Whine it rains we think that there is no reason to get dressed or put on make-up. Mama and I decided this ! And Mama is always right!

 On my way up the hill to the barn I started to notice all the bulbs that are coming up they are everywhere. I will give you a bit of bulb History . I bought a large 40 bulb bag thinking that why not just buy a bag rather than a little bag with only a few. Go Big or Go Home!

Well they sat for quite A while first off the fricken bag was heavier than shit ever! Finally I decided to put my bulbs in.

The idea was all on the hill just below the barn so Mama can gaze up when she is smoking LOL and see the lovely bulbs that her darling little girl planted just for her. Well the God Damn ground was hard as a rock. So I tilled and covered it with compost from my Horse shit. Moving on -  after I got done with the hill right there to your right. I still had a crap load of bulbs. Now what!?
 They are coming up great. Ok now the rest of the bulb story! 

 So I decided to plant some in the Wine Bottle raised garden. Behind
the barn!

How pretty will that be for the rider's going by on their horses.

See it is a cloudy keep your Jammies on kinda day! Burrrr

 I put some of Casey's Hollyhock seeds in there to but nothing so far.

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