Monday, March 18, 2013

Say no to City CDFA Sprayer's

So we get a notice on our door that is from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. It is a Notice of Insecticide treatment for our citrus tree's.

The day is here and I gladly let them in. They spray after I talk to them for over 20 minutes on what to do what will happen and the dangers to animals. In broken English (really) they did there best to help me!

They drowned the Tree's and the soil surrounds them. Then POOF gone.

I am a more than most organic gardener. I use vinegar for weeds , reuse every and anything I can in my yard. Use home made bug killers and general plant to let bugs work together. Kind of a Cycle of life in the garden.

They Spray TempoSCUltra (Cyfluthrin) and Merit 2F well here are the results.

Sick dogs for a week - diarrhea etc. they said if you keep them away from the area until it dries they will not be affected. BULLSHIT

I had to strip the tree's of all Meyer Lemons and Oranges it filled two trash cans. Here is why they said you can still use the fruit and just make sure you clean it well. again BULLSHIT .

I took a Meyer off my tree washed it raw and used it in some water for myself only (think the good lord) and not 20 minutes later I got so sick to my stomach. Yes Vomit !

So here is my point did you know you can refuse them coming to your home and spraying they do not tell you that do they. Yup just say no and they go away and they leave you alone and mark your house as Organic! Go figure. So Just say no to the spray !

Here is the link so reads up prior to the spray !

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