Friday, February 22, 2013

The Bulbs vs The Ground Squirrels

The Original daffodil hill
I have been on a planting frenzy . I got my daffodil bulb's in during the early part of the yer. I had this brilliant idea of planting my daffodils on one site. When we were on the porch we realized we could look up and see the wonderous beauty of daffodil's Good news gofers do not like them. Bad new I have ground squirrels. Beyond that let us talk bulbs.

The original plot and dog tush to the right

 This is the compost pile I started last year to plant cutting flowers. It started out super ugly but I am hoping the end results are magnificent. Behind this garden behind the barn. Up there behind the garden is a trail that people ride there horses daily. My plan was to make this area a fun spot to watch seasonal flowers and food grow when you ride your horse or walk your animal.

My first daffodil sprout

See the little sprout.
So cute it will grow up to be a  nice daffy dilly

Logged off area is where the Hollyhock flower's will bloom

This is the Daffodils Bed.

In the new little plot I have planted the following bulb's.

4 fragrant blue freesias
5 Ranunculus Persian Buttercups
6 Gladiolas
2 Emberglow Crocosmias
6 Sparaxis

Here is a link on growing bulb's in Southern California

This is where I am planting this year's potato's . You can only plant potato's once every two years in any given area. Here is a link to potato information.

How cute does Lulu the Scary Crow

And that is  the bulb update. I will keep you posted on the garden updates.

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