Friday, February 15, 2013

Raised garden from Recycled closet

Well I have to re-construct my crafter's room when my little angel Ms. Independence moved out it took four coats of primer and two coat's of paint just to repaint the room. But that is not why I am showing you this. I decided to gut the closet. I looked at the wood out by the trash and had yet another Ah Ha moment raised bed.

I dragged the wood from the closet up to the garden behind the barn. I had collect horse shit manure all winter to start a cutting flower raised bed. The compost is so nice and I will add dirt this weekend and some natural fertilizer. So I took the closet shelves and wood and was so happy when I ended up with enough wood to hold the dirt in.

 My garden up behind the barn is on a hill so I make my raised gardens three sided because the front gives me better access to get in and really they do not need wood on the upper part.

Look's pretty good doesn't it ? I do not know if I will plant flower's this spring it depends on the soil.

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  1. Your raised garden boxes look wonderful. Nice to see you are keeping busy.
    I nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Details are on my blog here:


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