Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year New Dirty Times

My view
What a view. I am have been so proud of my upper garden and the Winter Veggies. BUT last night something destroyed the cabbage and took off with two of the plants. Now I know Raccoon's are up there digging for worms all the time. They can dig for worms in the compost piles and all. But I had those God Damn gardens hooligans up with netting and all kinds of stuff. Frightening is it not! See the six happy little cabbages below! Poof there are now three.
The cabbage prior to being raped by the racoons
Look at the broccoli

The onions growing in the compost
Looking forward to Spring!
My Kale

Artichoke coming back for summer yummies

Just stuff
Last year I let my artichoke go to flower and after I did that I read that if you do that it is not good you will not get veggie's for another two years. Great! They were so pretty
This area is going to be for cutting flowers I hope!

Loved to see the broccoli sprouting! But the brussel sprouts seem a little lack luster. I still have to get my daffodil in I know I know it is a little late. I have been fighting a gopher or two lately down on the lower part of our property.They do not like horse shit so I fill each hole with fresh shit. No shit !

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