Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Progress on the Hill . no not Washington

 This is a funny thing the jalapeno's I used to make my Cowboy Candy well I put the chopped stuff up on the compost pile. Look new plants. My only question is how will they turn out .I bought them at the farmers market so I can only hope they reproduce. I hear Hybrid's don't is that true?

This is a stack of compost that I took flowers that the seeds flew around the yard and started new plants. So I took the new babies and planted them up on the hill. They are purple what ya ma call it's.

This is a new compost pile. I have not had much luck with the vegetables up behind the barn. Either the birds, gophers, squirrels, rabbits , crows or some other fricken varmint eats them. So I went into deep thought and came up with the idea that maybe I could make some beds that house just cutting flowers for the house. How pretty and oh how smart I am.

 This is another compost pile i want to make into a cutting flower bed. I know boring but next year when I have all these awesome flowers and I come to your house with fresh cut flowers and a loaf of bread we will see who is laughing.

Yes I did plant yet some more vegetables up here. But I did not want to show you until they were there for a least one month. They have bloomed, and grown with not ill treatment from the varmints.

 I planted Kale, Cabbage red and green for sauerkraut, brussel sprouts, and  broccoli

 The scarecrow at Halloween season.
She was getting wrinkles from the sun thus the glasses

 This is the onion bed I only lost one plant because the dog sat on it. They are red and white onions.
This dog Casey thinks I built this bed for her ! Luck the raspberry bush only growns in summer so let her have her fun.

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