Thursday, October 4, 2012

Raspberry and Blackberry

Well so far the raspberry and boysenberry bushes are a project in the making. Two years on the boysenberry bush and one year on the raspberry.

I have tried to put plants, bushes and stuff up behind the barn. The garden there is a rough environment. Full sun, ground squirrel and really tough soil. I have been working the soil for about 4 years. We have horses so the poo comes in handy for compost.

I have taken a few years of hard work to get raised gardens, fruit trees. walk ways a swing and a scary crow.

It is a slow process but I think that eventually by the time I am 70 I will have one plum two blackberries and an Senior citizen scare crow.

The view

My work bench

Thia ia the new raspberry bush

This is the little tiny blackberry

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