Saturday, October 27, 2012

Butterfly Bushes

So while Mama and Mimi sat on thew patio talking about all the beautiful monarch butterflies in the yard. I ran got my camera and tried as I might to take pictures

Right below are the AM gabbers. .

Blah Blah this is what happens when I make strong coffee. Hey grab some gloves and get your ass's in the yard. So cute 

Buddlega that is the butterfly bush special name got my information on this Garden web site. Kind of ago to site for real answer's. The flowers are large and mine are purple.They bloom summer to early fall. You can get a variety of colors. You can use them for cutting and into the house. I leave mine for the butter flies. When they are done blooming I whack them down to the grown almost each Spring. Hey grab some they are easy keepers.
I planted one Butter fly bush because my sister Casey told me to. She use to tell me to do a lot in hind site I wish I had listened more. But this year I did plant another one and this winter three more will go on the hill from hell. I am going to look for some different colors.

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