Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Autumn Planting

Planted Swiss Chard here.
Well I finally found a store that actually sells pony packs of vegetables. I got my panties in a bunch when I went to Lowe's and Home Depo and found single pots of veggies for $ 2 + per plant. Go to Hell heck . So when Mama was in rehab the other day I wandered over to the Do-It-Center just to mosey. I went into the garden section and low and behold I look to my right and Lord have mercy Pony Packs of vegetables !

Ahhhhhh Thank you Baby Jesus!

Here is why I like pony packs. I have tried plants from seed and it went ok but not always. Now I do say I love gardening but Master Gardner I am not.

Looks pretty dry but it is not


 So I got 
  • swiss chard
  • onions (red and white)
  • broccoli
  • brussel sprouts
  • cabbage (red and green) for sauerkraut

Hanging little watermelon
Put a knee high stocking to hold it while it grows rather than move it

When I plant a vegetable I need to have more than one because you know that one of the items below will happen.
  • the dog is going to dig it up
  • the ground squirrels will eat them
  • the night rabbits will eat only the top 
  • the raccoons will dig them up toss them aside and look for worms
  • the invisible bugs will eat them
  • Strawberry plants love this garden
  • i will forget to water
So in getting a couple of pony pack of each I am safe even if I only get one plant I will get enough from it to feed only me ! 

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