Saturday, October 13, 2012

Poor mans Patio

All done now a cold beer
Let make a patio today.
There was wood left behind the barn about oh say 13 years ago. It has been sitting for ever. I look down at it looked up at the barn garden . Hum View, wood, chair sounds like a patio to me.

I know this is not a patio to most but to a simple Gardner who

A. wants to recycle
B. want to sit her ass down
C. Wants to use the old plastic furniture
Helpers checking things

Look a nectarine

The view
D. This is my zone up here behind the barn

I leveled the dirt as well as possible. Placed the wood parallel to one another and gathered stones from the front yard that were useless down there. I put mulch down all around added a chair and table and Waalalala

 Now the plants will last about a week then the squirrels rabbits and ravens will have at it. This was a simple project and so far I have enjoyed it as much as the hooligans that jump the fence on Saturday night to sit drink and enjoy my hard labor. Oh those kidzzz...

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