Monday, September 10, 2012


Vining rose for gate
Each year on Mother's day my son "Apron Strings" gets me a rose bush. I never had any interest in them. In my mind they were boring and stupid.

Now as the years have gone one into another I adore my rose bushes. I love to cut them and bring them in the house. There are so many !

This little orange one has been transplanted twice and survived and the color is such a bright and mellow orange.

This yellow bush is right next to my fountain and the birds use it all the time to perch either prior to their bath or after to shake the wat3er off.
The orange in this one is so interesting

This red one is under a tree we never even knew we had it. One day I was a beautiful red something behind the tee. It was so red and so beautiful it reminds me of the rose in Beauty and the Beast

These nice candy cane ones are up on the gate behind the barn. When people walk or ride their horses by I thought it was a nice thing to look at. candy cane who would have through that a rose could do the strip thing!

And the last vine-ing was from my sister Casey in Hemet she has since passed so having it up on the gate is really a great memory. Thanks for taking the Rose tour!

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