Friday, June 29, 2012


Before tomatoes
Prepping the bed

Well the tomatoes seem to be doing better than last year. Last year I planted great and expensive heirloom's and the next day the gofers latte them pulled them right down the shoot! Assholes

Nothing a pellet gun and road flairs did not take care of.
 And I filled the holes with horse shit crap. Now I am showing you the first pictures prior to putting anything into the raised bed. It is up behind the barn.Where I had the pine tree removed. Oh tree huggers do not fret I used the wood for several projects and we still have so much left.

Now the tomato plants i put in my friend Julie got me at Tomatomania. This is a great once a year festival that goes across the country telling tales and selling all the tomatoes you little heart desires.

The tomatoes are doing well one of the two things the rabbits and ground squirrel have not eaten. The three types I have are

Heirloom Pineapple - Heirloom pineapple  tomato plants (Lycopersicon esculentum "Pineapple") produce fruits that have yellow and red striped skin and flesh. The tomatoes are exceptionally large, weighing as much as 2 pounds when fully ripe. Heirloom pineapple tomatoes are indeterminate, meaning the vine continues to grow and produce fruit until frost arrives. The plants thrive in full sun and rich soil with excellent drainage. They are usually started indoors from seed, as heirloom varieties can be difficult to find in nurseries and gardening centers.

Beefmaster - A beefsteak tomato  is any of the largest varieties of cultivated tomatoes some weighing 1 pound (450 g) or more. Most are pink or red even purplish black with numerous small seed compartments distributed throughout the fruit. While popular among home growers for sandwich making and other applications requiring a large tomato to be eaten raw, beefsteaks are not grown commercially as often as other types, since they are not considered as suitable for mechanization as smaller slicing tomatoes.

Green Zebra- is a tomato cultivar with characteristic dark green and yellow stripes. Newer variations blush reddish instead of yellow when ripe. It is more tart  than regular tomatoes, and it is an early breed.

San Marzano - a variety of plum tomato are considered by many chefs to be the best sauce tomato  in the world. Marzano tomatoes are thinner and pointier in shape. The flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds, and the taste is much stronger, more sweet and less acidic. Many people[who?] describe the taste as bittersweet, like high-quality chocolate. Because of their high quality and origins near Naples, San Marzano tomatoes have been designated as the only tomatoes that can be used for Vera 

Well there you have it my tomato adventure maybe this year I will be able to eat one. Actually I ate one not ripe just to do it!

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