Friday, May 18, 2012

So much going on in the yard

My lil helper
Wow this last month has gone by so fast. I have been super busy in the garden. I have spent most of my time up top. That is the area behind the barn. I planted the raised gardens from last year. I have found that with all the new fangled raised gardens you really do not need to spend a ton of money to make a raised garden.  I have taken old wood and just bordered the areas.

 I planted Amish Snap Peas in one little area. The rabbits got to them but I netted it up.
In the two side by side ones I have one filled with regular snap pea’s I got at the Seed Exchange. I surrounded them with pine-cones so the rabbits would have a hard time getting around them but I noticed after about a week or so they had pushed some aside and ate away. Damn !

From garden pumpkin pie
One bed has Beans the other has Cucumbers and in the middle of the  two rows I just planted Pumpkins. I have grown pumpkin before and made a great pie from scratch.
 That experience was one of my first in getting to know how great fresh ingredients taste.

The tomatoes
  Just below the two beds I have started my tomatoes and in the middle of them I planted Basil. They say that basil bugs and tomatoes bugs eat one another. Will see. I also put some oregano around the corners of the bed it fens off other bugs. “They say”
I made a really goofy scarecrow. LOL I think the ravens are laughing at me.

My long neck scarecrow
Next to the scarecrow in the same garden are beets these are also a first time root plant.  I have some fingerling potatoes come up right above them from last year. I thought I had lost them but they came back this year.

Do not laugh my scarecrow is a project in progress...remember progress not perfection....LOL...I still will be gardening and look around and the darn thing scares the crap out of me!

Look at the picture right below the scareycrow I do not know what but something is growing in my mulch pile!                                                                                
What is growing in my mulch pile?

Wagons to keep rabbits out

 The artichoke will give off veggies next year it is only in it’s 2nd year. It takes 2-3 years in the ground to produce. Next to the artichoke I have planted this years potatoes crop. Last years was a loss even though some did come back this year. Did you know you should never plant potatoes in the same spot each year. You plant them harvest then wait 3 years to replant the area. Interesting..

My herb garden is a project in progress. The Box Basil took and the Sage took but the others nothing but I keep watering because you just never know what may pop up day to day. That is the fun of gardening.

I planted the Rhubarb as you know and one is doing well the other not so good. I took the time to put up my garden wagons to net the beds you can see them in the pictures this is so easy I will link you to the how to on the blog. Notice my little helper.
My picker 
Now that is fresh

Long day beautiful sunset

  That is my son holding up my first radishes. Now here is the problem .When I got them in and washed them I went to eat one and almost broke a tooth. They were so hard on the outside but yummy inside. Do you know why? I have to get a Google going on that one.  Waiting on carrots.  All the fruit trees are blooming we are working on getting the watering right on that.

I could go on and on but I wanted to just catch you guys up so I can get in here daily and update. What have you got going on this Spring?

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