Monday, April 16, 2012

Took a walk in the yards today

Pretty Deep Red
This ole' rake fell apart and I saw a post somewhere that someone had made a really fancy hanging gismo out of it. Well this is not so fancy but it works. I put it on the ole' pine tree stump to hang my stuff
 Alright now I am a collector of many things for example I have a juice glass collection, vintage cooking books, tea cups, ole plates, I get caught up in the chase and well usually do not stop till I have gone over the  top. I think Gnomes are adorable. These days very over priced in my opinion but cute. Here are a few  of the ones I have scattere3d across the yard. I found therm here and here. Some are gifts .....and really this is only a few....
Yesterday I planted a bunch of my summer veggies so after my shower and once this ole' house is cleaned I will post more stuff. Have a great week it is so pretty out and the weather is going to be Pee-rrrfect for yard work. I need to sharpen my shovels.


  1. Great idea and so rustic looking - love your garden gnomes - I have just one on my front porch and he's a bit bleached from the sun, but he still makes me smile. One of these days I'm going to give him a new paint job! Yes, the weather has been wonderful! Happy gardening, Lani :-)

  2. Are these the ones Casey runs around with?


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