Friday, April 27, 2012

Simi at the Garden Day!

Happy Earth Day Simi !

 What a great day. If you do not already know we have our first Community Garden and we need to kneel and sing praise to Salina that hot little blond is the the brain of the whole outfit.

It has been her pet project and obsession for many year and to see the joy it gives her that day was well "priceless" ..... It was an honor to just be a small part of it by supporting the project.

 This opening day was just packed with activity. The kids were busy painting the walls. How fun I wanted to get on my knees and grab a brush but with so much to see and do. On we go 
 This here raised bed is called a Hugelkulture bed. It i s made from sticks and branches and is so earth friendly. Believe it or not this raised bed can support your veggies all summer with no water. Go to the link and read up on it. It is really fascinating.

 Just a few shots of the gardens being set up and the general area.
The information I got on price is you can get a 10 x 10 space for $50.00 per year. The other option is a 10 x 20 space for $100.00 per year. I think that is right but go and check it out. Having the community rah-rah is awesome. I love gardening and my own yard gives me enough work but to be a part of this is awesome not matter what....

 This is Jean she has a cute little plot.Her son got the plot right behind her. It is warming my heart to know our kids appreciate this. You will know his area by the sink, and the bathtub that is coming...Creative lil guy

Look at the cute little pot project she did. It is nothing more then re-bar and pots with holes balanced on one another...Clever Jean
 Right there in her cowboy hat is Shelly another Plot Gal!

 Check out this pine cone border. I had such a nice day and really loved seeing our community out supporting this great project.

Here is the link for the website for any information you may need and more information on Simi at the Garden.

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