Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The God Damn Squirrel

Ok where is she?
There is this g*&%$*** squirrel that has gotten pretty ballzie. Even with my two dogs this varmint is cunning, baffling and powerful! Looking every where for something to eat. I need say no more than just show you the pictures. Also I added a picture of the sunflower seeds I got last year. I just got done planting new seeds.  Everything is so small right now it is really not worth the effort to show pictures .

Ok dogs sleeping...check
If I hurry I can crap on the patio

Ahhh...this is the life...

The new little shelf..cute

I got a cute little shelf rod iron my mom wanted to get rid of. I took it and put it on my patio with some little things. Cute huh!

Mama keeping watch
Next thing there is a cubby under our horse trailer where every year this bird has her babies. I know that it is all messy with dodo but so cute. I had never been able to get a picture so the babies but this year  bingo. One of the babies wanted to be a usper star.

Peek a Boo
Holly hocks reach for the sky!

How awesome and home grown
 Rain today but so much is booming can not wait to be able to show you more stuff . The real excitement is when I can harvest and preserve stuff. Have a great day...God Bless


  1. I love your blog!!! Your **** squirrel cracks me up!

  2. LOl thank you what is the name of your blog. I could not get there from the link...


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