Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back into action ....... almost

Seed Exchange
 It has been quite a year but I am getting the garden in some sort of shape. I will go today and get some pictures of what I have started To begin the bottom raised has got some really aggressive radishes going on I also planted some carrots and beets. Now I have never been one for beets but my mama says her mama use to pickle some mean beets. SO that will be ob our Canarella list this year.

Up top in the wait a minute let's name the  upper garden. It is behind the barn. That is it Barn Garden? Sunshine garden.? Shit hummmm. Casey's back 40! That is it. I lost my sister this last year and I am going to sprinkle her ashes back there this month. Bingo ...Casey's garden....... Thank you. I have a few other things I have planted some I do not know what the heck they are some I do. I found some really good Seed places. Here are the links. One is the Cooks garden this is a good place for out of the ordinary things you want to grow and cook with. Make sense? The other is now my go to place for anything seed. It is called the Seed Savers Exchange. This place is really good. It has seeds that it has been reproducing for years from back in the day . The little box to the left is the Boysenberry Bed I think I will plant some squash below it in the same bed.And to the right of that are the potatoes that I thought I failed at last year growing this year...BONUS

Boysenberry bed

Potatoes coming back from last years crop

Second year for new Artichoke
Beet and Carrots
3rd year bloomer at Cindy's house    

This will be the Herb Garden ...

I used left over bamboo for a small path


Tomatoes and Pepper beds



Radishes - Carrots - Beets lower garden

Chives are getting ready to flower

These flowers will be great in my salads I grow them every year. They are called Nasturtium

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