Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All natural Fertilizer

I got this little wonder from book by Gayla Trail called Easy Growing .....This has got to be the easiest task I have done in a long while .I just walked through the yard an clipped herbs and put them in a bucket...Easy Peezzy

All Natural Fertilizer

1. Place a large bunch of roughly chopped fresh herbs in a bucket and add water. 4 parts water to to one part herbs.
2. Set the mixture aside for three days. Stirring it a few times each day.
3. Strain our the herbs. Toss them into the compost pile or lay them around those not so happy plants for extra help. Now spray the full strength liquid directly onto your plant leaves. Or add a few cups to your watering can. I do both...I will post the  results of my fab results....Enjoy

Here is Gayla's blog link also for other great tips You Grow girl

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  1. Hi Lani, What does your herbal fertilizer smell like? I love the name of this blog. Bravo... well done.. you got my attention.


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