Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ok Let us start

This is 6 am pretty with the moon
Yesterday Pa took me to grab some soil to top the lower box garden. I have to get my root veggies in. They say it is the time to do it....And you know when "they" say I do. So I ordered some seeds from a catalog ....this is my first time.
In the past I  have gotten my seeds from either Casey or Julie and it worked.But now Casey may she rest in peace is gone. And Julie well got a great job which seems to put my gardening skills on her back burner....Ok so I have to be independent it works for me at my age I need to learn to order seeds on my own.....

Spring is here when the clothesline comes out of hiding

Hung crystals all over the yard

Pepper beds to come
This is my blackberry nush I cut it back at the send of the season it is only 2
here is the carrots and beets
Compost from the horses thank u
I think this is artichoke?
Days end

before new soil
New soil and radishes last years strawberries and some onions
Planted some root veggies on the far end of this bed

I do not want to buy from stores anymore because they have just not produced like I think ? they should....So moving on here are a couple of shots . I know they are boring but when time goes on and I show you the after shots and the canning  that comes from it you will be proud....

Oh I ordered my seed from Seed Savers great group and good cause...Go here to order for yourself.

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