Thursday, January 5, 2012

Have to start somewhere

work area
So as some of you know I had a really bad accident last year that made the ability to do the things I want kind of well let's say a say the least. But I decided today that if I can only do little things that this time of the year is the best time to do them...

I will be able to make a list to give to Pa (hubby) to help me on the weekends. So starting tomorrow I will take at least an hour out of the day depending on the weather to do something in my yard. I have a one acre piece of land...On that we have a houwe with garage and up top a barn arethe pictures of the area's in case you are new to this web site.....

raised box
The box is a  cute little raised garden is on Pa's lawn he will not give up his lawn...
the grassy knoll

 Her is the grassy knoll I do not plant here is it self sufficient...

compost pile

 To thed right is my compost pile I have good one the horse poop comes in handy I hope to get chickens next...shhhh do not tell Pa! Look how busy he look he is wondering where the box came from....
my laborer pa

view from the top

my little green home

potato tower

more behind the barn


napping area

raised boxs

a project

we have plums-lemons-apricots-

the hill from hell

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