Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Hill

 This is the hill in front of the barn.... I tried to weed it as well as possible...I then planted some Pink Myoporum they should get about 3x3 and are a very hardy plant and this hill needs hardy...Between the hard soil clay like and the gopher holes I hope it is as hardy as it says....The plant gets small little pink flowers that will be great for the bees...we like the bees....

The pine trees that you see are Christmas trees. we buy live ones and plant them each year the larger one is doing great and the little one is just from last Christmas 2010 so next year it will be larger...
Super Model

This is Pink Myoporum

This grows wild
Here is some information I found on the internet about the ground cover Myoporum parvifolium 'Pink' (Pink Groundcover Myoporum) - This is a very low growing, trailing evergreen ground cover with closely spaced leaves on the many branches. The pink flowers bloom on cluster at the tips of the branches in the summer. It can be expected to grow 6 inches tall and spreads to 5 feet. Plant in sun or part shade. It is drought and seaside tolerant and is hardy to about 20 degrees F.   So there

This is the view from the hammock

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