Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So I got the new camera

Now it will take me some time to get use to it....It is a lot of camera but I did want more than a point and shoot. The little Point and shoot I have from Sony that got killed in the accident, well I sent it to Sony to fix...I can not help it I loved the little guy and it will be good to keep with me when the new one is to much to carry or do not want to get it hurt.....

Yes this is the results of my big potato planting.....

 So is this hysterical my Potato Towers really produced some big ass potatoes....lol..they are so Tiny

My sister Casey got me this from her garden

When I was recuperating my sister brought me out the nice strawberry plant I need to get it into a bigger pot but it is so nice.....And just below is the tomato the reason I put this picture up is with the new camera you can actually see the hair on the tomatoes....
 Again a big crop
 Until I can use my arm again I decided to put some herbs into pots this way I can still do some kind of gardening....
My little herb garden in pots till i can use my arm again

 Here is my first raised garden that we build two years ago it takes time to get it right as I am sure some of you know....This year it is a bit easier ...last year the rats ate everything...see we live in horse country so there are a lot of varmits to deal with.....Right now I have strawberries , onions, corn, green beans and melons growing and there is a mystery veggie that I have no clue what it is....I think I planted a bag of seeds when I was on to many pain killers......
Look at all the stuff

My first Cantaloupe flower


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  1. Oh your herbs look so lovely lining the path in pots!! This has been such a sad year for the garden harvest here in Texas. Never give up I say...perhaps no drought for us next year. Great post and looking like your having lot's of fun with the new camera too ;)


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