Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some Garden updates

 The radishes yup that is is this coming year i have to find out is it gopher, rabbits or just plain bugs that eat all my stuff...... They only leave enough for me to cry over...but the wee two radishes were year netting....better yet under wire from the bottom up.....
 This is all that is left of the potato towers yes they were flourishing then i read  that you only water them every couple of days...Well i was watering every couple of days but did not realise it took a lot longer to get the water down to the plants than regular...See gardeners trial and error all day long error but this set us up for nothing but veggie and fruit perfection next year..... ok next shot
BINGO the plums and oranges were a hit and i did a plum spreserves with them here is the link to the recipe....It whould give me one more crop so with that we will make plum jam....oh yummmyyyy

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  1. Those are oranges, Lani? They look like apricots to me or are they plums too? Whatever they are, they look great!

    Sorry about your radishes and potatoes. Live and learn, right? How did it go on your farm expo yesterday? Did you sell a lot?

    I wish I were closer, I would have bought you out!

    Happy Sunday,
    Doris and Gizzy :-)


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